A better way to sell your house?

What’s more stressful than selling your home? Losing your job, being riddled with debt, experiencing a family break up, or all of the above? It just so happens that having to sell your property is usually as a direct result of all or one of these factors mentioned and you may be praying for someone to come along and buy your property for cash to get you out of the hole you are on.

For some time there has been pressure and an expectation to own your own home in this society: get on the property ladder and have a mortgage. But what happens when the mortgage becomes a noose around your neck? With the economic climate being as it is, the threat of redundancy is omnipresent. When it happens, the inevitability of running up debt just to survive and feed your family is inescapable and can lead on to greater problems like your marriage due to the high stress levels and constant worry looming over your heads.

It can feel like there is no where to turn and whilst it was once an exciting reality owning your own property, providing for your family and having those big plans, is it now a distant memory replaced with fear and anxiety. The DIY plans are put on hold, the garden landscaping axed and trying for another baby suddenly seems reckless. Whilst you are stressing about how to cover the increasing mortgage repayments you may be relieved to know that there are companies that allow you to sell your property and rent it back. This means you and your family get to stay where you are, the kids continue with the same school and there is no upheaval caused by moving. Plus you get to pay a reasonable rent rather than an extortionate mortgage, so perhaps some of those plans you had shelved can be dusted off and started again.

BBC News Debt Diary

You may read a lot of information and articles on the internet about financial and property subjects. But how much of this information is just regurgitated nonsense. How many of these people have actually dealt first hand with the subjects they write about. I recently came across a cool section on the BBC business section where a reader was providing an in depth online diary about her current financial problems and debt worries. Regular BBC news reader Sayara Beg is 36 and a freelance IT consultant. She is currently having financial problems as she is taking a former employer to court over sexual discrimination. Sayara is also pregnant so she is facing further pressure to sort out her and her husband’s financial situation.

The diary is extremely frank and in depth, it covers a lot of her concerns and genuinely makes you feel for her. She covers many subjects such as avoiding repossession, wanting to sell her property in a quick property sale.

Im not sure whether diary entry 13 is her last, but Sayara starts looking back over her struggles with the bank and her creditors and she puts together some tips and advice.

These are work out a budget early, consider timing of starting a family and cutting up your credit cards. To fully understand this advice, you should really go and read all her diary entries which can be found here.