Tips for Moving Home

moving house

If you have been lucky enough to buy yourself a property in Devon then you will soon be looking to start packing and begin the often difficult process of moving. Moving home can certainly be one of the most stressful processes you will ever have to go through but fear not because there are a few tips that can help make moving as pain free as possible

Here are some great moving tips to help

  • Get confirmation of your moving date as soon as you can so you have plenty of time to prepare
  • Start calling moving professionals for quotes or alternatively start asking friends and family
  • Book time off work if necessary
  • If you live in rented accommodation inform you landlord you will be leaving
  • Contact your insurance company so you can arrange coverage of your new property
  • If you are not using a professional moving firm you will need to reserve your own moving van
  • Contact secure storage units if required
  • Start to purge items you no longer want
  • Contact, banks, building societies, pension provider and any company you have loans or investments with, credit card and store card companies,  Inland Revenue, your local council regarding council tax, catalogues and magazine subscriptions, your employers, your children’s schools and the DVLA.

When your moving date gets closer you will need to start the following:

  • Pack away any items you will not need again before you move
  • Inform the post office to redirect your post
  • Stop services such as newspaper deliveries and milk delivers and get they redirected if possible
  • Get a child minder or pet sitter for the moving day
  • Send out change of address cards to family and friends
  • confirm moving arrangements with movers

Good luck with your move and remember that the more organised you are the easier your move will prove to be

Tips for Selling your Home with Home Improvements

selling your house

In the current economic uncertainty it’s perhaps not surprising that house prices are either stagnant or falling, with this in mind many people are looking for ways to add value to their house as well as making general improvements that they can live with till they decide to put their house on the market.

Here are some home improvements that can be made which will add value to your Devon property.

Increasing the size

A well designed conservatory or extension that doesn’t take up too much outside space could add up to five percent to your value as well as provide a more liveable home for the remainder of your time in the property. However if you end up turning your garden in to something resembling a postage stamp you could wipe out all the extra value you add.

A Second Bathroom

Be it an en suite or on the landing a second bathroom could increase your house price by up to five percent. But when thinking about installing more bathrooms don’t go overboard, a four bedroom house does not need four en suite bathrooms.

Central Heating

Even the ancient Romans had central heating so it’s only natural that houses with good central heating are worth around six percent more than those without it.

Loft Conversion

While a loft conversion could add an extra 20 percent to the value of your house it is expensive and very disruptive. If you plan on a conversion make sure you make the most of the space by adding a bedroom and a bathroom.

It is of course worth bearing in mind that all of these improvements cost a lot of money up front and do not guarantee to increase the value of your house or to make it sell faster.

Avoid Repossession

If you’re having trouble paying your bills and you need a way out, but you don’t want to go through the difficult times – and credit problems – of repossession, it would be better to find a different option. You could sell your home and rent it back! There are companies that will do this for you. They buy the home for an amount that you agree on – but keep in mind it’s going to be lower than what you would get if you sold your home to a standard buyer. However, trying to sell your home right now can be very difficult because of the economy. If you can’t hang on until the economy improves or simply have to get out now, selling to a company that buys homes can be the way to go. You have the option with most companies of renting your home back from them. Some companies even give you the right to buy your home back at a certain point in the future. When you sell and rent back you get some serious benefits. True, you’re not a homeowner anymore, but if you were about to have your home repossessed you wouldn’t have been a homeowner anymore, anyway. This way you sell your home and don’t damage your credit, plus you can still live in it.

You don’t have to put up for sale signs and you don’t have to advertise what’s taking place with your house. You also don’t have to let anyone else know about it, so your neighbours won’t be talking. It’s a great way to avoid the stigma and the emotional pain of losing your home, and it’s also a great way to keep living in a place that you love without losing it to repossession because you can’t make your payments anymore. It’s good for people who can’t maintain their homes well anymore, too, because with a rental they get the maintenance. Otherwise, they would have to keep doing it themselves. It’s always wise to think about something like this very seriously before agreeing to it, but if you’re about to lose your home to repossession and you don’t have other options, selling and renting back your home may be for you.

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Where do I go to advertise my property?

The property market is something that is forever discussed around the world. Nowhere more so at the moment than in the UK. Newspaper articles and magazines are constantly speculating what will happen next and the variety of television programmes that show buying, selling and refurbishment of properties are certainly on the up.

As a property developer or owner the challenge is to cut through the clutter and find the best company and media for you, to deliver the best possible outcome. Ideally you’ll be looking for a company who has experience in the property advertising combined with strong relationships in the media of your choice. Better returns come from targeted creative, specialised planning and being able to work within an allotted budget. This sounds like quite a lot to be asking for but there are companies out there who can help. Ideally you’d be looking for a full service advertising agency and the general planning for an effective campaign goes as follows:

  • First class writers, art directors and designers with excellent property experience and knowledge. With a set fixed price and no additional costs.
  • Extensive planning with a detailed understanding of market. Research into the property and its surroundings is obviously important, just as vital is finding the correct media to put the advertisement through be it online, television, radio, outdoor or in a magazine, newspaper.
  • Access to the creative, planning and buying schedules is useful as you can keep on top of the goings on of your project to make sure things are going as you want.

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