Britain’s Most Haunted House goes under the Hammer

Houses are put up for auction for all manner of different reasons, whether the owner is after a quick sell, the house is in need of serious modernisation or it is purely that unique on the open market that valuing it is virtually impossible.

People attend Online Property Auctions for the vast array of different properties on offer and the bargains they can pick up, but even the most discerning property auction goer may find themselves a little surprised, if not shocked to come across one particular lot when they visit their next auction.

Wymering Manor is an eerie 17th century grade II listed building which used to be a vicarage. It also happens to be the most ‘haunted’ manor house in Britain and has made into the domesday book, on ‘Most Haunted’ on TV and has a gained an impressive reputation amongst ghost hunters for having high levels of paranormal activity at any one time. Activities include, to name but a few, children’s whispering, sudden changes in temperature and strange apparitions.

The council, who currently own it, are putting it under the hammer at a Residential property auction soon to try and save costs. The house certainly has a unique selling point and any potential buyer may see the opportunity to buy this and make some money offering breaks in the ‘Most Haunted’ House. Avid ghost hunters would surely relish the chance to experience just one night where they may come across any manner of paranormal activity: An experience surely worth gaining if not to just pass down to your grandchildren in story form one day.

Property Poll


There are mixed views

about what will happen to property prices this year. A poll from the Guardian reveals what their readers predicted:

House Prices will:

Rise by more than 5%             21.4%

Rise by between 0%-5%          9%

Stay at their current level       10.8%

Fall by between 0%-5%           19.8%

Fall by more than 5%              38.9%

What do you think?

House problems?

After the media exposure of the government’s expenses claims there was an out cry of public opinion showing disgust for these politicians cheek in fiddling their claims.

Some politicians had chosen to claim the home in which they lived was in fact their second home and an additional home else where was actually their primary place of residence. At a time of recession there is little sympathy for these people who can’t fill a form out correctly and are unsure of where they live.

The state of the economy has seen people have their houses repossessed as they where unable to meet payments, yet politicians have managed to claim money that they are not entitled to.

Many of these politicians seem to forget that they are working for us and are on a substantially higher wage than the majority of the country yet still continue to receive substantial benefits.

Perhaps we aren’t being sympathetic enough to their problems? It must be hard choosing in which house to live, as most of us only have one to choose from, so we do have it pretty easy. Yet they can be grateful that under the unfortunate circumstance they claim too much money, or ‘accidentally’ receive too much cash a simple ‘I will return the money and apologise’ is all they have to do and then come the pat on the back. All is forgiven. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as other working folk. What would be viewed by many companies as theft would result in being sacked and then being pursued by legal charges.

An excuse of ‘oh I forgot to pay for that’ will work wonders if you are a politician but try that when you’re halfway out the door of WH Smiths with the latest copy of  Private Eye and security will be on you quicker than you can say ‘evening officer’.

To make matters worse, this all comes at a time when house prices are plummeting and the property in which they reside is less than what they paid for it. Many people are moving towards Cash for Property services to enable to keep their heads above water.

Buying a house – the process

cash for propertyThe economic downturn generally has a negative effect on society and is generally seen as a bad thing in the eyes of the public. Yet with all this going on there is some good news, houses prices have fallen and for those who have saved, this could be your time to snap up a bargain.

As property prices continue to fall houses become more obtainable and much more of a reality for many people. So what do you need to do to get the wheels in motion?

Step one would be all about how much you can afford. Speak to local mortgage lenders and give them an idea of your income, outgoings and any savings that you might have as this will have a reasonable impact on what money you can be lent and what house you will be able to afford.

Step two is choosing a house you like. Once the mortgage has been agreed then the fun part starts. Look around at everything on the market and see if that it offers all that you are looking for. Many first time buyers don’t get everything that they want so you may find you will have to make some sacrifices.

Step three requires getting a solicitor. This will mean that things are really in motion. This step is required to ensure that all legal requirements are met and fulfilled as to avoid and downfalls.

Step four is all about making an offer on the property. At this stage you have decided what you want and how much you can afford and it is now time to try and get a bargain. You don’t have to offer the full asking price you can offer less or even more.

Step five comes after your offer has been accepted. This is your chance to get a house survey done to find if there are any problems that you aren’t able to see just from looking at it. This might include such things as subsidence.

Step six means time to finalise your mortgage. Providing you are happy with the information received in the survey then this is your chance to close the deal.

Step seven is the exchanging of the contracts. This will ensure that all parties involved are happy and all systems are still moving forward.

Step eight requires organising the big move. Sorting all of the packing and getting the removal vans ready for the day you get the keys.

Step nine will all be about finalising the details of the contract. This is the last stop and once this have gone through then all is complete and you are ready to go.

These nine steps are just advice on the processes and procedures and are not set in stone. The orders in which they appear do vary depending on circumstances. Some people decide not to put their house on the market and instead choose a Sell House for Cash option or a Quick Property Sale as they do not have the luxury of time on their hands.

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