Tips for Packing When Moving House


Previously we gave you some useful tips for moving in to your new Devon property, in this post we hope to help you with the arduous task of packing for your big move. Packing doesn’t have to be a nightmare task if you have the right tools and equipment.

One of the first things you should get is a good range of boxes in various sizes. You don’t want to use just large boxes and fill them with allsorts of things as these can easily become too heavy to lift. Also if you are packing small items in a big box there is a danger that they could break or get damaged.

Make sure you have a good supply of bubble wrap or old newspapers to help protect the more fragile possessions. In the weeks leading up to your move stop recycling your newspapers so you have a good supply for when you pack. Other handy items include strong parcel tape, pens and stickers for labelling boxes and sealable bags for any small lose items.

Here are some useful packing tips.

  • Keep potentially hazardous products like paints, sprays and oils in clearly marked separate boxes.
  • Load the removal van with the boxes you will need least first
  • Be careful when backing boxes not to put heavy items on top on lighter items
  • Make sure ever box is well labelled.
  • Boxes containing fragile items should be marked fragile
  • Make boxes of essentials you will need straight away such as a kettle, cups, plates, utensils, bedding, medicines and toiletries

Hopefully some of these tips can allow you an easy and stress free move.

Tips for Moving Home

moving house

If you have been lucky enough to buy yourself a property in Devon then you will soon be looking to start packing and begin the often difficult process of moving. Moving home can certainly be one of the most stressful processes you will ever have to go through but fear not because there are a few tips that can help make moving as pain free as possible

Here are some great moving tips to help

  • Get confirmation of your moving date as soon as you can so you have plenty of time to prepare
  • Start calling moving professionals for quotes or alternatively start asking friends and family
  • Book time off work if necessary
  • If you live in rented accommodation inform you landlord you will be leaving
  • Contact your insurance company so you can arrange coverage of your new property
  • If you are not using a professional moving firm you will need to reserve your own moving van
  • Contact secure storage units if required
  • Start to purge items you no longer want
  • Contact, banks, building societies, pension provider and any company you have loans or investments with, credit card and store card companies,  Inland Revenue, your local council regarding council tax, catalogues and magazine subscriptions, your employers, your children’s schools and the DVLA.

When your moving date gets closer you will need to start the following:

  • Pack away any items you will not need again before you move
  • Inform the post office to redirect your post
  • Stop services such as newspaper deliveries and milk delivers and get they redirected if possible
  • Get a child minder or pet sitter for the moving day
  • Send out change of address cards to family and friends
  • confirm moving arrangements with movers

Good luck with your move and remember that the more organised you are the easier your move will prove to be

Good Signs for the Housing Market


2011 looks to have started well for Estate Agents in Devon and across the UK with the latest news from the NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents).  The NAEA have reported that their members saw a rise in demand from house hunters in January as well as an increase in the offers from sellers.

January saw the number of registered house hunters reach their highest levels for 6 months with an average of 252 per branch, up from 227 in December, according to data from the National Association of Estate Agents.

The President of the NAEA said the figures were “encouraging” he went on to say “However, when compared with our report from this time last year, the market is still showing signs of consumer reluctance. Macro-economic issues such as the VAT rise and interest rate pressures continue to put many people off searching for property.”

The NAEA also revealed figures that showed the number of houses put up for sale in January were on average 69, which is up from 64 in December. When the NAEA questioned 700 estate agents across the country a massive 45 per cent had said they had seen an increase in enquires from those looking to sell their property.

In other good news the Department for Communities revealed that house prices increased by 3.8 percent during the year with the average price of a property now standing at £208,148.

Devon’s Property Increase

devon property

Devon and its neighbour Cornwall were amongst the few places in the UK were property sales rose during November according to a recent housing survey.

According to South West surveyors there was a sales increase by over a fifth in the region. This compares favourably to other regions across the country which saw a decrease during November. The figures have been compiled by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

It’s perhaps not surprising that sales rose in Devon and Cornwall. The counties are amongst the most popular in the UK with people from all over the country flocking to the area looking for a new property or a second home.

Not only are the two counties popular they also provide a wonderful and diverse range of property to buy. You can find a Devon Property to suit all your needs be it a beach front apartment, chocolate box cottage, grand country manor or Victorian town house.

The region also offers a wonderful standard of living with access to some of the best beaches and countryside in the whole of the UK as well as great access to the rest of the country and thanks to its regional airports and airlines Europe and many global destinations are just a few hours away from your front door.

If you are looking for your own perfect country property there are many great Devon Estate Agents who will help you find the home of your dreams.

Tips for Selling your Home with Home Improvements

selling your house

In the current economic uncertainty it’s perhaps not surprising that house prices are either stagnant or falling, with this in mind many people are looking for ways to add value to their house as well as making general improvements that they can live with till they decide to put their house on the market.

Here are some home improvements that can be made which will add value to your Devon property.

Increasing the size

A well designed conservatory or extension that doesn’t take up too much outside space could add up to five percent to your value as well as provide a more liveable home for the remainder of your time in the property. However if you end up turning your garden in to something resembling a postage stamp you could wipe out all the extra value you add.

A Second Bathroom

Be it an en suite or on the landing a second bathroom could increase your house price by up to five percent. But when thinking about installing more bathrooms don’t go overboard, a four bedroom house does not need four en suite bathrooms.

Central Heating

Even the ancient Romans had central heating so it’s only natural that houses with good central heating are worth around six percent more than those without it.

Loft Conversion

While a loft conversion could add an extra 20 percent to the value of your house it is expensive and very disruptive. If you plan on a conversion make sure you make the most of the space by adding a bedroom and a bathroom.

It is of course worth bearing in mind that all of these improvements cost a lot of money up front and do not guarantee to increase the value of your house or to make it sell faster.