Save money and buy a distressed property

With the current financial climate the amount of repossessions is on the increase, figures show that house repossessions are at a 14 year high. Many people who are close to having their property repossessed are trying to sell their house as quickly as possible which in turn gives first time buyers a chance to pick up bargains by buying what the industry has named ‘Distressed property’.

What are the advantages of buying a distressed property?

One of the main advantages of buying a distressed house is the price; distressed sellers are looking for Quick Property Sale and to claim back the best Cash for Property they are selling.

Distressed properties can sometimes give buyers a price reduction of up to 30% of the properties recommended listing price. Another advantage to buying a distressed property is the fact that no chain is involved so the buying process is much easier and faster for the parties involved.

What are the disadvantages of buying a distressed property?
There are not many disadvantages to buying a distressed house; the only factor that can differ between distressed and normal house sales is the house condition.  Many houses are refurbished and renovated before they are sold to increase the value returned, with distressed houses they are sometimes in poor condition due to the owner’s financial situation. In some cases the previous tenants may have removed as much as humanly possible from the house to recoup as much money as possible to repay their debts, so houses in this condition will cost more to refurbish and make habitable again.

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