Property Auction Selling: Advantages

It is expected that over 35% of people will use Property Auction Websites to sell their own home in the next 5-10 years and there are several reasons why this may be.

One of the biggest and most attractive advantages of selling a property online is that it is guaranteed to be a quick sale. No time wasters are allowed and it means that you’ll not have to show your house to every Tom, Dick or Harry on request. One of the hardest things to do is sell a house when you are working full time and struggle to find the time for other important things, let alone to be at home so you can show a potential buyer around.

Another attractive advantage of selling your property via auction is that the house is put up and sold ‘as is’ rather than the open market where most estate agents will encourage you to ‘spruce it up’ and modernise the interior prior to selling if your house requires it. One of the biggest problems this causes is trying to find the money it will take to make the improvements and then also the time this will take too. An auction house will take the property as it is and anyone that is bidding on the property will be aware that it is sold as is.

When one of the main reasons to sell you house is to free up some money and help you get back on your feet, selling a house via one of the Online House Auctions is one of the best ways to do this due to the speed your house can be sold.

Good news for Property Investors

Property investors have had some good news recently. The abolishment of HIPS (Home Information Packs) has meant that more people have put their house on the market, due to the immensely off putting HIP charge being waivered.

A HIP became compulsory for any person wishing to sell their home if it had four or more bedrooms. The average HIP would cost anywhere in the region of £250 right up to £1000 and it is believed that this was a deciding factor for many to choose not to put their house on the market. Of course, this had a knock on effect, largely for property investors who were looking to Buy Investment Property to extend their growing property portfolio. They had fewer opportunities to invest, but also it led to people being stuck living where they didn’t want to, in a house they didn’t want to live in anymore.

The market became more and more stagnant and the HIP became an increasing bone of contention. Only three years after the government started to roll out the first stages of implementation it has fallen to its feet and thankfully been abolished. From promising to revolutionise the way properties were sold it quickly over complicated the selling process and made the whole experience far more expensive and stressful for the seller.

The availability of houses on the market are already expected to rise as a result of the abolishment of the Home Information Packs and property investors are hopeful for a more buoyant market where they can benefit from a BMW Property.

Sell your House Now

I’ve got an idea that might defy any or all of the good advice you have had over the years. You’ll be familiar with this good advice, it starts off with your parents telling you how important a good education is and carries on throughout the years to how important it is to get on the property ladder. I believe that whilst the first piece of advice is always going to be good, I feel the second piece of advice is only good when the timing is right. Buying a house in today’s climate is actually probably not a good idea and whilst many have already bitten the bullet and got on the first rung of the property ladder, those that haven’t shouldn’t feel envy.

It’s a known fact that many of the people that have got on the property ladder have been struggling to repay their mortgage with arrears mounting up month after month and as a last resort settling for a Quick House Sale for Cash. If you are one of those people, you will probably feel enormous pressure and stress especially if you are responsible for a family too. There is often a great deal of shame that comes with admitting you are in financial dire straits but the sooner you face up to the problems you have, the sooner you can get it sorted and move on with your life. Sell your property and rent it back could be a good option if you want a quick sale or alternatively you could cut your losses altogether, sell up, settle up and go and fulfil your dream doing what you have always wanted to do.