House prices affecting more than just your pocket

Empty Pockets

For the past few years it has been almost impossible for your average young adult to get on the property ladder. More and more have resorted to renting or simply have no other choice than living with their parents due to the shear scale of house price fluctuation. A generation is literally being priced out of the market and I don’t dare even mention the worrying number of people who need a Quick Property Sale due to repossession threats.

A recent survey has concluded that 4 out of 10 people will not settle down until they can buy their own house whilst almost two thirds of those questioned said that the high house prices over the last few years are to be blamed for their inability to buy a house, with salaries no longer relative and banks no longer facilitating the ‘no deposit needed’ rule.

7% of people questioned aged between18 to 30 said that because they could not afford to buy a house, they have also put off marriage as the cost of that would delay their savings on a deposit. The survey involved 1, 096 young adults who did not own their own homes. Their living situations varied but the underlying factor was their frustration over unobtainable house prices. The government has plans to build 1 million affordable new homes by 2020 but there are fears that this won’t be successful in the time frame.

The lack of borrowing ability is bound to help prevent future people at risk of repossession but fortunately for those who are in that predicament there are companies around which will help people gain cash for property and I am certain it is those people that will see some benefits in the renting market.

Man and Van Removals

Looking at moving house? There are so many things to thing about. You are running around before the date that you have to move out asking yourself have I done everything. Have a cancelled the gas and electricity suppliers?  Have I redirected the mail and notified the bank of my change of address?  Have I cancelled the phone line and told all of my friend where I am going? With all this to think about you can easily become overwhelmed.

It’s no wonder that people choose to get a professional company in to help them move. For starters it eliminates the need to be thinking about if you can get all of your stuff in the back of one, two or three cars. You also won’t have to think about whether you need a ford transit van or some other type of commercial van.

Leave it to the professionals. Let them decide how much stuff you have and what size vehicle you need. Just book them and sit back and what someone else do all of the work and stake the stress out of moving home.

It will be bliss allowing someone else to al of the lifting, watching them struggle getting all of your stuff in the van and packing everything away. All you will have to do is lead them to your house and watch them unpack at the other end. Why should you struggle with your wardrobe up the stairs?

Professional removal companies will help you move to you new home more efficiently. It shouldn’t be looked upon as an additional experience but more as a professional service that will make the transition to your new home more comfortable.