Woman forced from home

A Scottish grandmother, at the age of 66, is being kicked out of her own home…by her son.

Flora Dempster claims she has lost almost £200,000 after a bitter row with Stuart Dodds turned into a nine-year legal fight over the ownership of her Moray bungalow.

Mrs Dodds had used her son as a guarantor for the property. She then went on to say that after he moved to America he became hungry for money and decided to put the house on the market. Her son Mr Dodds, claimed half the value of his mothers home in West Park in 2004.

The dispute began in 1999 after he claimed he was entitled to 50% of the property as he had acted as the guarantor to allow his mother to buy out her former husband’s share of the property. The home was then put on to the property market yet Mrs Dodds claims that her son had not invested a penny in the property and had no rights to it.

Mrs Dodds had to concede defeat after spending £80,000 on legal bills alone.

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