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With house and flat prices looking unstable for the future even in such areas as Kensington and Chelsea what options are available for people who are looking to live in these highly sought after areas? One option and the most suited to the majority of people looking to live in these areas would be to rent property in Chelsea. It seems that many people want to enjoy the lifestyle that living in these areas offer yet choose to rent as a way to avoid the possible loss that buying a property in these unstable times can have.


As property prices continue to remain unstable and the insecurity of jobs is still abundant, renting is looking to be a great option for many people. Not only does it provide you with the freedom to change location, if a job should take you to another part of the country or even further afield. Also not owning your own property provides you with the freedom of knowing that you do not have mortgage payments to meet each month which will also mean that you won’t have to keep an eye on the interest rates rising. Renting can also provide a great safe haven for people that do not want the hassle of maintaining a property and the stress and worry that comes along with responsibility of owning your own home. Renting a flat or a house usually means that you have all of the benefits of a property owner with out the financial commitment that can be a problem for many.

Property owners are always keen on renting out their property as it means that they will have an income to pay their mortgage payments, and keep the banks from the door. However there is a lot of demand for people looking to rent property due to the lack of mortgage offers on the table. It will be well worth your time looking to register with a letting agency in Chelsea so you have a better selection of properties at your disposal.

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  1. The demand for letting property in Chelsea has grown year on year. This in turn has increased the number of Letting Agents in Chelsea exponentially. The reputation of Letting Agents makes many would-be landlords reticent to put their properties on the market, with concerns about honesty and reliability. Andy Smith of 1st Asset Management ( offers his tips on how to navigate the crowded Letting agency markets of Knightsbridge, Belgravia and lettings Chelsea.

    “The key thing that will make an agency successful in letting your Chelsea property is their experience in the market as a whole, and their enthusiasm to sell your property in particular.”

    “Choose an established local letting agency with good industry accreditations – and make sure they’re using all the big property portals to market. Go with your instinct – if they’re slow to return calls to you – or seem generally uninterested in you as a client, then imagine how dismissive they’ll be to prospective tenants!”

    1st Asset is a Chelsea Lettings company with a difference. We’re passionate about property management and lettings, our professional services teams are committed to providing you with the best service in research, valuations, property management, property enhancement and property portfolio optimisation in Chelsea and throughout London.

    We currently manage property portfolios on behalf of many commercial and private clients – many overseas landlords and clients who are secondment or living full time in locations around the world. From China and Singapore to India and Dubai, from America to Hong Kong we have clients across the globe. We manage everything from world class serviced apartments in The Knightsbridge, opposite Hyde Park One and exclusive apartments in Chelsea Harbour, through to 1 bedroom units in regional towns

    our attention to detail is the same for all…

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