House problems?

After the media exposure of the government’s expenses claims there was an out cry of public opinion showing disgust for these politicians cheek in fiddling their claims.

Some politicians had chosen to claim the home in which they lived was in fact their second home and an additional home else where was actually their primary place of residence. At a time of recession there is little sympathy for these people who can’t fill a form out correctly and are unsure of where they live.

The state of the economy has seen people have their houses repossessed as they where unable to meet payments, yet politicians have managed to claim money that they are not entitled to.

Many of these politicians seem to forget that they are working for us and are on a substantially higher wage than the majority of the country yet still continue to receive substantial benefits.

Perhaps we aren’t being sympathetic enough to their problems? It must be hard choosing in which house to live, as most of us only have one to choose from, so we do have it pretty easy. Yet they can be grateful that under the unfortunate circumstance they claim too much money, or ‘accidentally’ receive too much cash a simple ‘I will return the money and apologise’ is all they have to do and then come the pat on the back. All is forgiven. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as other working folk. What would be viewed by many companies as theft would result in being sacked and then being pursued by legal charges.

An excuse of ‘oh I forgot to pay for that’ will work wonders if you are a politician but try that when you’re halfway out the door of WH Smiths with the latest copy of  Private Eye and security will be on you quicker than you can say ‘evening officer’.

To make matters worse, this all comes at a time when house prices are plummeting and the property in which they reside is less than what they paid for it. Many people are moving towards Cash for Property services to enable to keep their heads above water.

Woman forced from home

A Scottish grandmother, at the age of 66, is being kicked out of her own home…by her son.

Flora Dempster claims she has lost almost £200,000 after a bitter row with Stuart Dodds turned into a nine-year legal fight over the ownership of her Moray bungalow.

Mrs Dodds had used her son as a guarantor for the property. She then went on to say that after he moved to America he became hungry for money and decided to put the house on the market. Her son Mr Dodds, claimed half the value of his mothers home in West Park in 2004.

The dispute began in 1999 after he claimed he was entitled to 50% of the property as he had acted as the guarantor to allow his mother to buy out her former husband’s share of the property. The home was then put on to the property market yet Mrs Dodds claims that her son had not invested a penny in the property and had no rights to it.

Mrs Dodds had to concede defeat after spending £80,000 on legal bills alone.

If you are being told to move from your home and want the option to Sell your Property and Rent Back, allowing you to remain in your home or try a Cash for Property service.

Things to Consider When Looking for a House Part 2

sell house for cashLast time we talked about considering the things that are important to finding an ideal home and that these things might have not have been considered. We looked at the importance finding the right location and how this is one thing that cannot be changed. This article will look at other key elements of finding and looking at any new potential home that you find to avoid any nasty surprises.

One big question on many people’s lips is ‘what potential does the house have?’ Many people are looking to develop their own house with an extension perhaps for a conservatory, porch or maybe even an additional bedroom. Look at other house in the street and see what they have done as this will give you an idea of the likelihood of getting planning permission for that extension.

You need to remember that the internal decoration of the property can be changed at any stage. Very few people move into to a new house they have just bought and keep it exactly that way that they bought it in, as people like to personalize it by putting their own stamp on it.

There are some people who really enjoy the sun, so for these people the way the house faces play a large part in what will be considered a good property or not. This is one thing that doesn’t change so it is important that this is something that is addresses right from the beginning. A rear garden that faces the right direction is for many people a deal breaker when it comes to choosing a house.

Another major consideration to a lot of people is the outside look of the property. It’s important that you like the look of the property. This is a very individual thing and what some people consider to be nice others would look to change. Many people do not really change the brick work of the building out the outside appearance except from the front garden.

If you don’t want a lot of work to do on the property a new build is probably what you want to be looking for. Yet for those of you who are looking for a bit more of a challenge and wanting to put your own stamp on it repossession is worth considering. Sometimes repossessed houses are a little worse for wear but that can be had at a bargain price.

To help eliminate additional stress of moving and starting a life else where many people have opted for a Quick Property Sale for Cash which enables them to get cracking on to the next big adventure. A Quick Property Sale can be just what you need to get you moving quickly in the right direction.

Rent Property in Chelsea

With house and flat prices looking unstable for the future even in such areas as Kensington and Chelsea what options are available for people who are looking to live in these highly sought after areas? One option and the most suited to the majority of people looking to live in these areas would be to rent property in Chelsea. It seems that many people want to enjoy the lifestyle that living in these areas offer yet choose to rent as a way to avoid the possible loss that buying a property in these unstable times can have.


As property prices continue to remain unstable and the insecurity of jobs is still abundant, renting is looking to be a great option for many people. Not only does it provide you with the freedom to change location, if a job should take you to another part of the country or even further afield. Also not owning your own property provides you with the freedom of knowing that you do not have mortgage payments to meet each month which will also mean that you won’t have to keep an eye on the interest rates rising. Renting can also provide a great safe haven for people that do not want the hassle of maintaining a property and the stress and worry that comes along with responsibility of owning your own home. Renting a flat or a house usually means that you have all of the benefits of a property owner with out the financial commitment that can be a problem for many.

Property owners are always keen on renting out their property as it means that they will have an income to pay their mortgage payments, and keep the banks from the door. However there is a lot of demand for people looking to rent property due to the lack of mortgage offers on the table. It will be well worth your time looking to register with a letting agency in Chelsea so you have a better selection of properties at your disposal.