Are You Thinking of Moving House?

If you are thinking of moving, either from selling your through the open market or from a cash for property company, there are a few tips that you should know before hand to make moving as simple and stress free as possible.

Make lists

Write down absolutely everything! It’s a good idea to number all you boxes that you pack and then write down on a piece of paper what is in each box, this way you will know exactly where everything is.

Have plenty of supplies

Make sure you have plenty of boxes. You will need many more than you first think. Having enough boxes will make moving just that bit easier. Leave some empty boxes left over on moving day for those last minuet items like cleaning supplies, clothes, bedding and linen. You will also need protective wrapping to make sure any household items remain intact when you open the boxes again at your new home. Lastly use strong tape to make sure that boxes stay secure and closed.

Have colour coordination

Assign each room in your new home a different colour, then stick corresponding colour labels to each box. If you are moving yourself then you will know at a glance which box goes where. If you have hired movers you should also put up some sticky coloured labels on each door so the movers can see where each box goes easily.

Keep every thing together

Try to keep everything together, so keep bulbs with lamps, sugar with tea and extension cables with electrical appliances etc. If an item has small loose parts that can easily be lost try taping them to the item or pop them in an envelope.

Start packing now

If there is anything that you won’t need before you move pack it straight away. The more you can pack now the more time you will have before the moving date to do other things and the less stressed you will feel.

Make use of luggage

Fill any luggage that you may have with clothes or items (like phones, mp3 players, medication etc) that you will need soon after the move. You suitcase will be much easier to keep track of than a numbered box. You could also use different coloured boxes to make sure that they stand out from the rest.

Keep hold of valuables

To keep your valuables safe try placing them at the bottom of boxes then hide them by placing more mundane items on top if it, also label the boxes such as kitchen under sink cupboards etc as its unlucky any would be thief is likely to go through these looking for any thing of worth. If possible put these in your car with you rather than leave them in the moving truck, at least this way you can keep an eye on them.

Keep important papers with you

These might include birth certificates, back details, important phone numbers, work papers or any paper that contains details about you that could be used by someone else. These papers must always be kept with you to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.

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A guide to buying a house

The purchase of a house will be the biggest financial investment and commitment that most of us will ever make. The process is often expensive, time consuming, confusing and difficult to organize, but with a little but of research the whole process will be much easier and run more smoothly.

Before you even go to view that dream home you should sit down with a mortgage advisor, or visit an online mortgage advice website. They will be able to go through your financial situation and work out how much you will be able to afford each month and how much you will be able to expect to receive from a mortgage company.

Once you have a budget finalised its time to hit the estate agents, though it is also worth keeping in mind that there are alternative ways for people to sell there house so check private ads in papers as well as the internet. Word of mouth is a valuable ally, so let people know you are looking to buy as you may be able to snap up that dream home before anyone else even knows it’s for sale.

When you have found that ideal home don’t jump in with both feet just yet, return a couple of times to the property on different days and at different times. By doing this you can check that your house is not next to a rat run for rush hour traffic or is used as a gathering point by the local larger louts at night.

Once you have finally made your choice its time to start negotiations. Set yourself a limit and not to go over it as this may leave you with potential problems in the future. If the offer is accepted make sure the seller takes the property off the market straight away to avoid being guzumped.

From now on the Solicitors and mortgage company are responsible for sorting out all the legal and financial aspects of the deal. This is a vital process so scout around and ask for recommendations for good solicitors so you can be safe in the knowledge that your new home is in safe hands.

Once the solicitor is happy your deposit will be paid to the solicitor and contracts can be exchanged. The seller and buyer will be legally committed and from this date if you pull out, you will lose your deposit. When the contracts are exchanged a date will be set for completion and on that date transfer of ownership will happen. You then pick up your keys and you will own your property.

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