How the Credit Crunch aids the Sell and Rent back market

The unfortunate effects of personal debt and an increase in interest rates has seen a large number of people needing help from a rising number of companies that will allow you toSell your Property and Rent Back . These companies will agree a sale price with the homeowner to enable them to pay off debts, existing mortgage or for other financial needs.

Once the house is bought the cash for property companies will rent the property back to the ex owner at a fair market rate. If you work with the right company some will even allow you to repurchase your home again when you have the funds to do so.

Because of the speed of the transaction (sometimes a deal can be struck in a week!) and the imminent crash of the property market most home owners are getting approximately 75% of the market value for their home. Despite this loss it appears that most customers are happy with the transaction as they will be getting the money that they need and will probably be selling their home for not much less than they would get in today’s market. Another benefit is that neighbours or even family can be kept out of the loop in case you wish to conduct your business privately.

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