New property trend with alternative house sales

cash for property

When people come to selling their house, they immediately think about visiting an estate agent. But sometimes using an estate agent isn’t the quickest way to get a quick property sale. There are some alternative house sale techniques out in the market that are becoming more and more popular. Some people feel that estate agent fees are ridiculous, solicitors charge too much and showing your home to people is a lot of hassle.

Other people are in more dire situations where they need cash fast, whether is due to debts, facing repossession or needing a quick sale due to divorce. The whole selling process can be extremely stressful and cause people a great deal of worry.

There is a new trend in the property market at the moment for companies to buy property direct from owners and quickly, without hassle and for cash. The only real drawback is they offer less than the market value for the property, but many people in certain situations accept this as they need the sale to be completed quickly.

There are plenty of advantages to using a cash for property firm; You don’t have to put up with people snooping around your house looking to see if they want to buy it. The companies will usually make you a cash offer within days of viewing the property. They will cover legal fees and using them in the first place will eliminate estate agent fees you would normally have to pay. The whole process is more discreet as you do not have to display a “for sale” sign in front of your house for weeks or months that can lead to unwanted attention.

There is also a sell and rent back option that a lot of firms offer that still allow you to get cash to pay off debts but still will then let you rent back your property from them at local rates, which is a great option if you do not want to leave the area.

Alternative quick property sales are not for everyone, but for the people who need to move quickly and need cash they are a god send.

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