Top tips for selling your property

In today’s blog post we will look at some handy tips for how to prepare and sell your house quickly.

sell house fast

1. Research the market.

Before putting your property on the market, you should sit down and consider your target audience. Who do you want buying your house? Once you have decided, you can make your property appeal to a certain audience. For example turning an office into another bedroom will help target families.

2. Clear up the house

This seems obvious to have your house tidy for people to come and look at it, but not for the obvious reason of simply being tidy. Potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves in a property and things like family photos and unique pieces of furniture will spoil the illusion for them. Buyers need a relatively blank canvas to be able to imagine themselves in the setting.

3. Clean up and freshen up.

If your house is looking a bit old and run down, a new coat of paint in some of the rooms can do wonders. Replace broken fittings that make the property look bad, but if you do not have the funds to redecorate much then cleaning up should be a high priority. Everything in the house should be spotless and inviting, including your toilets and cupboards.

4. Spread the word

Sometimes word of mouth can be the best way to sell a property. Tell all your friends and neighbours, someone you may know could end up buying your house taking a lot of the stress of viewings out of the equation.

5. Choosing the right buyer

Sometimes the person offering the most for your property may not be the best offer accept. You and your estate agent should look into the persons circumstances before accepting. A person offering a bit less but with no chains can be an all round better situation than someone offering higher but with lots of ties.

6. Using a “Quick sale” Company

Whatever the situation, you will sometimes need to sell your property quickly. A lot of companies offer cash for property but will offer considerably less than if you sold your property through traditional estate agents. But these deals can often be ideal if you need to sell your house fast, need to stop repossession or do not have the funds to fix up your house

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