Where do I go to advertise my property?

The property market is something that is forever discussed around the world. Nowhere more so at the moment than in the UK. Newspaper articles and magazines are constantly speculating what will happen next and the variety of television programmes that show buying, selling and refurbishment of properties are certainly on the up.

As a property developer or owner the challenge is to cut through the clutter and find the best company and media for you, to deliver the best possible outcome. Ideally you’ll be looking for a company who has experience in the property advertising combined with strong relationships in the media of your choice. Better returns come from targeted creative, specialised planning and being able to work within an allotted budget. This sounds like quite a lot to be asking for but there are companies out there who can help. Ideally you’d be looking for a full service advertising agency and the general planning for an effective campaign goes as follows:

  • First class writers, art directors and designers with excellent property experience and knowledge. With a set fixed price and no additional costs.
  • Extensive planning with a detailed understanding of market. Research into the property and its surroundings is obviously important, just as vital is finding the correct media to put the advertisement through be it online, television, radio, outdoor or in a magazine, newspaper.
  • Access to the creative, planning and buying schedules is useful as you can keep on top of the goings on of your project to make sure things are going as you want.

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