Franchise Opportunity made easy

Most people probably think of places like Mc Donalds or Subway when they think of franchises. But there are many other types of businesses areas out there that you can take up a franchise opportunity in. Different areas will suit different people, but one of the growing areas in Franchises in the UK, is the property lettings

With a property lettings franchise, you will be given an area or town exclusive from your franchiser. They key to a good franchise model is the partnership it provides. The franchiser not only gives the franchisee the basic resources but also provides knowledge from experience to help you on your journey.

A typical franchise opportunity will include the following things

  • Exclusive territory
  • Shop Fitting
  • Staff recruitment
  • Business plan/model
  • Funding and help with commercial premises
  • Training
  • Ongoing support

When you take up a franchise opportunity, you will have a franchise agreement that will last a set period of time. After this runs out you will able to renew, and usually without a further franchise fee.

Franchise opportunities are a great way for someone to easily set up a successful business and lock into a network

franchise model

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