Why not start a property franchise

While a lot of you may find the whole process of buying or renting a property complicated and expensive, and may even find yourself envious of the estate agents that are taking your money for showing you round a house. Well the old saying goes if you can’t beat them, join them. If you have some money and the desire to run your own business, then why not take up a franchise opportunity from Martin & Co and run your own property and lettings franchise. The lettings market in the UK is a very strong, dynamic and exciting area of business. Martin & co currently have 127 franchised offices in the UK and plan on reaching around 200 offices by the yea 2010.

Franchising is a great way of starting and running a business as there are so many benefits. The partnership between the franchisor and the franchisee allows knowledge, training and experience to be used to create a strong business. Plus you also benefits from the brand name being behind you. Along with this you get development of a 5 year business plan, exclusive territory, commercial premises, shop fitting, staff recruitment and training.

Buying a franchise is a great way for someone to start up their own business and be part of a huge support network. With a structured pattern of growth, most of the stress and uncertainty of starting a business is eliminated.

So if you fancy a new take on life and fancy running your own business, why not consider a franchise opportunity from Martin & Co. For more information visit there site here.

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